Information as a Service

Harnessing the power of data is vital to building resilient cities, developing innovative products, services and infrastructure, and improving our quality of life. We help break the silos and bring your data to life to create actionable insights. Our expertise includes machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and data analysis. Find out more.

IoT AND Automation

The Internet of Things is fundamental in developing smarter cities and organisations. We work with you through every step of your IoT journey. We help collect the data generated by IoT sensors. We analyse and visualise it to understand performance. We help predict the future through the use of machine learning.

Embedded Software

We partner with you to drive new product development and accelerate innovation. Our rich domain expertise allows us to build highly complex and robust embedded projects, factoring in quality, safety and security. We provide deep know-how throughout the entire lifecycle, from requirements, architecture and design to implementation, testing and maintenance of embedded systems.


Our solid expertise with data science and embedded systems uniquely positions us to tackle some of the most pressing global problems

With a commitment to innovation, agility and sustainability, we are here to help you achieve your strategic goals and unlock new possibilities in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. If you share our belief that Technology can make the world better, we would be thrilled to partner with you on this journey.

Discover how our solutions can help transform your organisation today and engineer a better world for tomorrow.

A few of our projects

Funding Matcher

Looking for the right funding opportunities can be a time-consuming and challenging task.

The Funding Matcher streamlines this process and helps you connect with personalised, relevant funding opportunities.

With our comprehensive database of funding sources and powerful AI-enabled matching algorithms, finding the perfect fit is easy. We collect and recommend funding opportunities at scale, including options that might have otherwise got overlooked.

You can save time to focus on what matters, advance your mission and positively impact the world.

Compliance Assessment Tool

The compliance assessment tool is a comprehensive solution helping you ensure seamless communication and data sharing between different systems.

Our assessment tool will evaluate how systems interact and exchange data, removing silos and ensuring compliance with open standards and protocols. We automatically generate and execute a full suite of test cases, providing you with a detailed analysis of your systems’ performance and compliance over time.

Our assessment tool will transform your system’s communication and data-sharing capabilities, replacing manual processes with a streamlined and efficient approach.

Electric Load Forecasting Tool

Our smart solution allows businesses and households to take control of their energy usage.

The tool uses advanced algorithms and data to accurately predict electricity consumption, allowing you to make informed decisions about energy usage.

Whether you are looking to save on electricity bills or seeking to optimise energy usage, our tool can help.

With our powerful forecasting capabilities, you can remove the guesswork and easily anticipate your energy consumption to take action and reduce your carbon footprint.


Applying AI to Smart Cities

In the past 70 years, AI has been a rapidly growing field and is being applied nowadays in a wide range of applications, from healthcare and finance to transportation and education.

AI has the potential to revolutionise urban planning by providing new tools and methods for analysing and modelling complex urban systems.

By monitoring and analysing data, AI systems can provide recommendations to improve resource usage, help reduce congestion and improve traffic flow, detect potential security threats, reduce energy consumption, promote waste reduction, etc.

AI-powered systems can also provide personalised services to citizens, such as recommendations for restaurants, events, and activities based on their preferences.

Read more about how AI applies to Smart Cities from this white paper.

Let’s transform your organisation today and engineer a better world for tomorrow

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We are results driven and value sustainabilityinnovation and ownership in a team. Join us if you share these values and you want your work to have a real impact to make the world a better place.

At BABLE.DIGITAL we create innovative software solutions using cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. We aim to have a real impact in making the world a better place through technical innovations. We are looking for a Human Resources & Administrative Assistant to join our team […]
You'll be working with users to understand their data needs & building the projects to match them.
You will have a key role in designing, building, testing and maintaining high performing AI/ML powered software.

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